veg jalfrezi
By: Rahat Zaid

Vegetable Jalfrezi

A medium-hot and very popular dish in Indian cuisine vegetable jalfrezi, it deserves to be on your dinner table for all the flavors and nutritional value it carries. Crisp vegetables sauteed in mild spices, you can make it more interesting with your choice of vegetables.

pepper fried eggs
By: Rahat Zaid

Pepper Fried Eggs

A quick and tasty preparation of eggs. Serve the pepper fried eggs as an appetizer or as an accompaniment or side dish with some pulao and biryani. Its easy to put up dish with minimal efforts and time.

Andhra chilli chicken
By: Rahat Zaid

Andhra Chilli Chicken

A very very hot and spicy Andhra chilli chicken, an interesting, palatable unique fusion of the heat from Andhra and the Chinese cuisine, a dish to be savoured in winters. If u r real spicy food lover then, this is a must try dish.

By: Rahat Zaid

Rajma Sukka

Rajma sukka … nutritious dry preparation of rajma, rajma sauteed in onions and seasoned with some spices, a good change from regular rajma masala. Add this as one of your side dish in your meal and enjoy with parathas or roti.

By: Rahat Zaid

Dahi Keema

Dahi keema,  a mild spicy preparation of mince using yogurt and seasoned with few simple spices, its a dish that an be savoured with naans and rotis or plain boiled rice.

dilli aloo chat
By: Rahat Zaid

Dilli Aloo Chat

Dilli aloo chat…a delicious, mouth watering, hot and spicy potato chat from the streets of delhi..crisp fried potatoes tossed with spicy masala..enjoy this with a hot cup of adrak wali chai..

fruity sparklers
By: Rahat Zaid

Fruity Sparklers

Fruity sparklers…a quick and dazzling mocktail with chopped fresh fruits to add that extra crunch to your drink…serve this as a welcome drink to brighten up your party…I have used Monin syrups here, you can use any brand available.

anjeer milkshake
By: Rahat Zaid

Anjeer Milkshake

Anjeer milkshake or figs milkshake…a lip-smacking and very flavourful shake…enjoy this delicious anjeer milkshake which in itself is a treat for summer….its nutritious as well as filling…another beautiful addition to our drinks.

mint pineapple mocktail
By: Rahat Zaid

Mint Pineapple Sparkler

Mint pineapple sparkler…a soothing and visually appealing thirst quencher perfect for your garden party…you can even enjoy it with your barbecue.

roohafza mojito
By: Rahat Zaid

Roohafza Mojito

Roohafza mojito..another very refreshing mojito with all the goodness from roohafza…enjoy this quick and easy to prepare roohafza mojito and soothe yourself from the summer heat..

pancake folds
By: Rahat Zaid

Pancake Parcels

Pancake parcels…thin crepes filled with spicy filling and cheese, enveloped or folded into  closed squares and shallow fried till golden and crisp. This pancake parcels can be enjoyed  in breakfast or as a snack.

Golden Tikkis
By: Rahat Zaid

Golden Tikki

Golden tikki…a scrumptious preparation with bread and a nice spicy filling, its like deep fried sandwich, the seviyan coating makes it more beautiful and tasty. Golden tikki can be enjoyed as a snack or even as a starter.

Corn cutlet
By: Rahat Zaid

Corn Cutlet

Corn cutlet…easy and delicious corn cutlet recipe… you can serve it as a tea time snack or starter…

baigan pakoras
By: Rahat Zaid

Baigan Pakoras

Baigan pakoras or egg plant fritters…a delicious and crisp tea time snack, and a good option for iftar recipe…its easy and quick to make as all the other pakoras…