khus mojito
By: Rahat Zaid

Khus Mojito

Khus  mojito….khus or vetiver is a fragrant cooling herb… its a very popular summer cooling drink with lots of health benefits…so here’s a very refreshing and beautiful mojito made with this healthy khus syrup…

papaya milkshake
By: Rahat Zaid

Papaya Milkshake

Creamy and nutritious papaya milkshake…enjoy this sweet and refreshing drink as a breakfast smoothie or as an evening drink on a hot summer day…its loaded with lots of nutritional benefits.

custard milkshake
By: Rahat Zaid

Custard MilkShake

A delicious milkshake prepared with vanilla custard powder…chopped nuts and grated apple adds to the taste and gives the extra crunch to this lip smacking shake…its sure to be enjoyed by all…please do try our custard milkshake and send us your feedback on it.

khoya puffs
By: Rahat Zaid

Khoya Puffs

Khoya puffs… delicious flaky puffs stuffed with sweetened khoya and nuts….enjoy it as a snack…a great recipe to prepare, modified version of our Indian gujiya..

rice pakoras
By: Rahat Zaid

Rice Pakoras

Rice pakoras or rice fritters…a delicious and easy to make tea time snack and a great way to use your leftover rice.

papdi chat
By: Rahat Zaid

Papdi Chat

Papdi chat…a delicious chat similar to sev puri….papdis topped with boiled potatoes and spiced with blend of chutneys and yogurt…and garnished with sev.



sweet crepes
By: Shaikh Zaid

Sweet Crepes

Sweet crepes..a delicious thin crepes, very easy and quick recipe…pair it up with the savoury crepes and enjoy a lovely sweet and savoury crepes combo on your weekend morning…

matar samosa
By: Rahat Zaid

Matar Samosa

Matar samosa…the mini samosas, another commonly sold delhi street food, these are comparatively smaller in size than the regular samosas, with the delicious matar or green peas stuffing…a yummy snack to have with tea, or just anytime you feel like munching on it….

Green chutney
By: Rahat Zaid

Green Chutney

The heavenly delicious, spicy green or hari chutney…this accompaniment doesnt not need any introduction…its a must have chutney with almost all the Indian snacks….prepared in almost every household with slight variations in the ingredients used. Here’s my mother-in-laws recipe of hot and spicy green chutney.

pickled lemon
By: Rahat Zaid

Pickled Lemon

Pickled lemon…its my mother in law’s recipe….easy to make and great to taste…can be enjoyed as a tangy pickle with meals, and she also use it in making delicious chilli coriander green chutney.

savoury crepe rolls
By: Rahat Zaid

Crepes Rolls

Crepes rolls…a very easy and delicious fried snack…make plain crepes, choose filling of your choice, stuff and roll it up, give a egg wash, crumb coat and deep fry till golden….its a good option for iftar recipe too…

Savoury Crepes
By: Rahat Zaid

Savoury Crepes

Savoury crepes..easy and nutritious recipe for your breakfast…pair it up with the sweet crepes and enjoy a lovely sweet and savoury crepes combo on your weekend morning…

plain crepes
By: Rahat Zaid

Plain Crepes

Plain crepes…quick and easy to prepare these crepes are ideal to make rolls, pancake folds etc..fill in the stuffing of your choice, roll it up, and fry….yummy snack for your high tea …

punjabi samosa
By: Rahat Zaid

Punjabi Samosa

Delicious and crisp punjabi samosa…this is a snack which doesnt need much introduction…its a very common and one of the scrumptious street food almost all through out India…here’s a easy recipe to follow…

Potato filling
By: Rahat Zaid

Potato Filling

Potato filling..a ideal filling to make punjabi samosa..a very common street food almost through out India..