Crisp Keema Samosa

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Submitted: June 27, 2015
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Total Time:
Preparation Time: 15-20 mins
Cooking Time: 5-10 mins
Servings: 8-10 | 100 kcal

Crisp keema samosa…made using readymade samosa strips….these are pretty easy and quick to make if you have your filling ready…its a easy and must have item, loaded in almost every freezer for ramzan iftar items.

Required ingredients

Directions & How to

  • Combine both the fillings in a bowl, mix well and let it cool completely. Or you can use just the cooked keema if you like it that way.
  • In a small bowl take the flour, mix little water and make a thick smooth paste. Will use this as a glue to seal the edges of our samosas.
  • Place a spoonful of the filling on the samosa strip and fold it gently into samosa shape. Use the flour paste to seal the edges.
  • Fill and shape up the remaining strips, and deep fry in hot oil till golden and crisp.
  • Remove on absorbent paper and serve hot with tomato sauce.

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